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Where do you stand in the land of SEO?

Why is this important?

Climbing toolsSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a list of rules for a website to follow in order to optimize each webpage and improve your rankings on a search engine, such as Google. SEO grows your website organically and brings it to the top of a search without spending a single dollar on advertising. This is where any company should start. Before spending the money on paid advertising, take the time to build a solid organic foundation so you can begin to bring in qualified organic traffic to your site.

How we’ll help you

MapsWe base our SEO services on your business objectives and we keep these in mind as we put together your marketing mix. We give clients a few choices when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and concentrate on the technical, content, and off-site aspects of your online marketing. Fujisan Marketing will develop a strategy that leverages the art and science of your marketing initiatives incorporating brand, digital trends, search analytics and conversion.

If you’re doing a complete website redesign, we’d recommend a comprehensive package including the tools below.

  • Keyword Research – Detailed research on what consumers are searching for in your space, how often they are searching, and where you currently rank for those critical keywords. 
  • Competitive Analysis – We will analyze your company and your top-ranking competitors from both a linkig and a social perspective. 
  • On-Site Optimization – An optimization strategy for the pages of your choice including recommendations for meta data, title tags, H1 tags, image alt text, anchor text, and more.
  • 301 Redirects – We will analyze your current live website to gather a list of existing URLs, and advise you on how best to redirect those, including best practices for redirects from an SEO perspective

We can also conduct a full Site SEO Audit, which allows you to see where you currently stand in organic rankings. Our audits look at: title tags, meta-descriptions, site hierarchy, link profile, social visibility and current rankings. We provide specific recommendations for each area covered and detailed instructions to help you and your development team put the changes into practice. Our audits include: 

  • On-Site SEO – We analyze the key areas of on-site optimization that have the biggest impact on SEO, from keyword integration and URL structure to site usability and Schema markup.
  • Indexation Issues – Evaluating the key areas of indexation, from robots files and XML sitemaps to bot loops and page load speed.
  • External Linking – Looking at the key areas of external linking, addressing things such as link quality, velocity, and topicality as well as anchor text, local citations.
  • Social Media – Examining the valuable areas of social media that impact organic rankings and traffic. From social visibility and reach to mentions.

Then we develop a strategy that takes your marketing initiatives incorporating brand, digital trends, search analytics, and conversion.

Link Building

CarabinersWhy is it important to you?

When it comes to rankings, inbound links have been the largest part of the process since the beginning of Google. Because inbound links play such an important role in determining search engine rankings, a solid and scalable inbound linking strategy is essential for a successful SEO campaign. When we’re looking at an organic search ranking, we look at the complete picture of quantity, quality, relevancy, and anchor text of the links.

Quality over Quantity

Since the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, the quality of inbound links has become far more important than the total volume of links. Poor-quality inbound links can have a negative effect on rankings. Quality inbound links boost rankings by giving a vote of confidence to your website with trusted, credible, authoritative brands and publishers.


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