Landing Page Testing

You’ve gotten them to land. Now what?

Why is this important?

Compass - DirectionsYou’ve gotten traffic to your Landing Page. Congrats! That’s half of the battle — now we want to get them to convert into a lead. Do you have ways to measure who’s visited, how long they’ve stayed and if they’re interested clicking further to find out more? Think of a good landing page as the best sales person on your team. It should provide just enough information to influence the user to perform a designed direct response action. Plus, as the world becomes more and more mobile, your LP should get the point across and make it easy to convert in under a minute — no more, no less.

How we’ll help you

DirectionsIf you want to point PPC ads to a new landing page, or A/B test two existing landing pages, we provide the tools and insight to build out these pages and track their performance against each other. But before we put an effective direct response into action, we start with a discovery phase that takes an in-depth look at the people visiting your site:

The Psychology of Visitors

  • Why are they here?
  • What is the direct response action?
  • Why should they do it?

Once we’ve gotten inside the mind of the user, we craft and develop a compelling value benefit statement. The deliverable is a landing page that is optimized for conversion.

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

An effective landing page must be carefully thought-out to appeal to a company’s target audience, while prompting visitors to provide their information. Here are a few of the tried-and-true characteristics of a successful landing page:

Landing Page Example

Building a Good Landing Page

  1. A Clear and Compelling Headline: Because many landing pages are linked to online ads, it’s important to standardize the headline of the landing page to the headline of the ad. This assures visitors that they landed on the right page.
  2. A Secondary Headline: If your headline must be long and wordy, chop it up and make a portion of the description a secondary headline.
  3. The Value Proposition: This should be the bulk of the page copy. Tell visitors what value they will gain by providing information. Tell them why they need your product.
  4. Establish Credibility: Tell them why they should trust you. Show statistical evidence in an easy-to-understand design; display customer testimonials, and third party trust seals.
  5. Images/Video: Give your page a human element. Help your visitors feel connected to your product by including imagery of people with the same general look as your ideal customer.
  6. Call to Action: Make your call to action attention grabbing! Use bright colors and bold language to make your call to action stand out.
  7. Form: Design your form with intention. Create a non-invasive, clear form that will provide you valuable data on the types of people that visit your site.
  8. Button: Make your call to action button eye-catching and clickable. Use active, commanding language based around what they will gain from clicking.

To learn more on effective Landing Pages, please see our blog How to Design and Optimize an Effective Landing Page

Landing Page Testing

CampWe offer landing page testing for clients that meet certain criteria. First, is there enough traffic to make a test statistically relevant? Do you have enough internal support to make the test successful? Landing page testing provides the greatest growth opportunity in online marketing performance.


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