About Fujisan Marketing

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click.

Creating the right digital marketing campaign is a lot like scaling a mountain. It takes skill, the stakes are high, and there are numerous ways to reach the top.

Of course, you’ll need more than an expert—it’ll take a skilled guide to help you get there.

Our Approach

Mt. Fuji is the most iconic location in all of Japan. To reach the summit at sunrise, 300,000 people make the pilgrimage each year to the top of this dormant volcano overnight. There are many knotted and winding trails to the top, and each one is filled with scores of other climbers making the same trek. At Fujisan Marketing we believe that creating a successful inbound lead generation system is similar to a journey to the top of the mountain—each person’s path and preparation will determine their long-term success.

As a company dedicated to ushering companies through the confusing labyrinth that is digital marketing, we know you’ll need an individualized plan because you’re unique, and have distinctive wants and needs.

That’s one advantage we have by being a mid-sized agency—we can give you personalized but detailed service. Whether you’re looking to explore new markets, expand your online presence, or convert your leads into sales, our clients know their needs and priorities are understood, and that they have a powerful ally forging ahead with them.

Being lost in the world of Digital Marketing can be a scary thing, but no matter where you’re aiming to go, there are many ways to get there. We’ll carve out the perfect path for you.

The tools we’ll supply

Digital Marketing Strategy

Start your Digital Marketing journey by analyzing, planning, and implementing a strategy for online success.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Drive more traffic, generate leads, and get more for your advertising dollars with expert PPC management and analysis.

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Search Engine Optimization

Use search engine optimization to get your business found and climb the rankings ladder with expert advice to improve organic results.

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Landing Page Testing

Inform, sell, and convert more potential customers by letting us create your best sales person online.

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Who we are

We’re a mid-sized agency. This means we’re not a one-person shop overstretching our resources, or a large agency trying to make you fit into a pre-made formula. Our skill and expertise in navigating this varied terrain is fueled by our respect and empathy for you, our clients. We understand what it’s like to run a business, and at Fujisan, our core group is made up of exceptional and knowledgeable individuals who want to see you succeed.


Let us take you to the top.
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